I studied with Elisa in a weekly, small-group setting. Lessons were tailored to our personal goals, and employed speaking, reading, and writing practice. Her grammatical knowledge of both Spanish and English is impeccable, and she was able to keep our lessons practical, lively, and enjoyable. After approximately four months of classes, I was able to pass a graduate-level translation exam, and now, several years later, I’m still reaping the rewards of what I learned from my study with Elisa.
— Dr. Jennifer W., Barnard College
I took Spanish conversation classes with Elisa for over a year. I truly can’t recommend her highly enough. While studying with her, my Spanish became clearer, more precise and more erudite than it was before. Elisa flawlessly tailored our classes to my needs and wants. For example, we would study Cuban idioms one month, and the next we would read a novel together and discuss it. She’s a kind person who will never make you feel badly about making mistakes, and an excellent conversationalist. I felt our sessions fly by.
— Alexia N, San Francisco
I spent two years studying Spanish with Elisa Legon. In addition to being expert in the language and a gifted teacher, she is a remarkable caring and dedicated professional who truly invests in her students.
— Dr. Peter Z., University of Kansas
Elisa is an excellent teacher. She is thorough, challenging, and has a great sense of humor—all of which go a long way toward making language apprehension effective and fun. With her help, I passed a very important exam with flying colors! I would recommend her for instruction in any setting—academic, business, or wherever she can assist people in their desire to learn Spanish.
— Dr. Stephen H., University of Memphis
Elisa is a talented educator with experience teaching in a wide range of settings, and I found the small-group dynamic that she created to be productive and comfortable. Her focus and energy are indispensable, and she uses time efficiently and wisely. It had been a number of years since I had studied Spanish, and thanks to an intensive seminar with Elisa, I passed a graduate-level translation exam, and brushed up on my conversational skills in the process. I recommend her to anyone interested in any level of Spanish instruction.
— Dr. Hillary M., Cal State at Northridge
I took a small class/group tutoring session with Elisa in order to pass a Spanish translation exam. I had not taken Spanish in thirteen years. I would not have passed without Elisa’s expert instruction. She is very thorough and precise. She notices what each student needs help with and she targets those areas. As we worked on written translation Elisa also included content to improve our conversational Spanish. I wish I were in the Bay Area and could have private tutoring sessions with Elisa every week!
— Dr. Catherine Y., Princeton University
Elisa is a patient, demanding teacher who is always clear about helping students meet their personal goals. Due to her positive encouragement, my own Spanish-speaking abilities have improved tremendously.
— Dr. Christopher S., New York City College of Technology
Elisa designed a personalized program of weekly advanced conversational practice supplemented by homework with readings and practice exercises tailored to both my interests and the areas where I most needed to improve my grammar and vocabulary. She excelled at giving constructive feedback while being unfailingly supportive and encouraging.
— Rebecca G., NYC
Prior to studying with Elisa, I had taken a more traditional Spanish course elsewhere. By far, working with Elisa as part of a small group was a much better option for me. Elisa was always ready to get to work. I found her to be encouraging, very practical, and patient. She was able to tailor lessons to my needs, abilities and interests. I cannot recommend Elisa’s classes highly enough.
— Joe H., City University of New York
I took individual lessons with Elisa over a number of years. My Spanish was very basic when I started but with her help I was able to quickly improve my comprehension and Spanish-speaking skills. Elisa tailored her lessons depending on my immediate needs - whether it was travel or work-related. She is an excellent teacher and a consummate professional - I would highly recommend her whatever your needs and current Spanish language abilities are.
— Eileen F., in-house finance attorney, NYC
Dr. Elisa Legon was my Spanish teacher for a short time, but her lessons made a difference in my understanding and comprehension of the language. I was interested in learning a particular dialect of Spanish, and Dr. Legon tailored lessons to my particular needs and interests. As a teacher I found her to be professional, friendly and enthusiastic about her subject. It was obvious that she put a lot of thought, effort, and preparation into each class. I am very grateful to Elisa for her expertise and individual attention to me. I came away with a far greater knowledge of Spanish that I still use today.
— Dr. Janice C., York College
Elisa is an excellent teacher. With a colleague I studied Spanish weekly with her for many years. Her ability to find yet another way to reinforce a point of grammar or to explain the use of a particular word is stunning. Always, the classes were over too quickly. She is challenging and enthusiastic, well-organized and clear. The people of San Francisco are lucky. We miss her on the east coast.
— Dr. Janet W., Union Theological Seminary
Elisa was my Spanish tutor for a number of years and my recommendation of her skills and abilities are without qualification. She has an excellent ability to assess a student’s level of development in Spanish and to tailor classes designed to increase fluency and comprehension. She is flexible, creative, smart and has a talent for teaching that is exceptional. I would recommend Elisa to anyone interested in learning Spanish: the beginner or someone who knows the language quite well and is looking for a refresher.
— Dr. Mary R., Columbia University School of Social Work
I originally came to Elisa for a crash course prior to a trip to Spain, having not studied the language since high school many, many years ago. I returned to Elisa to continue studying, and could not be happier with the instruction she provides. Her command of Spanish grammar is comprehensive, and she communicates its rules and irregularities with complete clarity. Her vocabulary is seemingly limitless, and since she speaks English as flawlessly and beautifully as she does Spanish, she’s able to precisely explain nuances of meaning and subtleties of context. Elisa has an extraordinary ear, as well, which makes her an ideal tutor for pronunciation and inflection. Best of all, because her intellectual background is so rich, Elisa is able to instruct not simply via textbook exercises, but also with periodicals, short stories, novels, drama, movies, television programs, and music. The cultural education I’ve received in the short time I’ve studied her has been at least as valuable as the language instruction, if not more so. Whether you’re looking for a tutor to supplement school study, a crash course or a refresher before traveling abroad, and introduction to the basics or a deep dive toward fluency, Elisa will surely tailor a program to meet your specific needs. You’ll find that she’s professional, encouraging, patient, and very, very funny.
— G. Rudko, San Francisco

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